Python Crash Course: 10 Fun and Practical Projects

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Learn by Building! In this course, you will follow step-by-step instructions to build the following projects: - Bot to text me if Elon Musk tweets about a stock/crypto - iPhone GPS tracker (track location using iPhone API) - Mouse Jiggler Bot (keep your screen active) - Send SMS with python - Python Slack Bot (Send messages to Slack work chat) - Automating Google Sheets (google sheets + python) - Manipulate Files on Your Computer W/ Python - Web Scraper for Craigslist (or other sites) - Text Sentiment Analyzer (Easy AI and machine learning API) - Cut / Paste / Alter Text in Python Who is this course for? - ​Zero knowledge of python but are curious about what it is and what it can do. - Python lovers of all levels that want project ideas -Tech students looking to level up with fun projects Why this crash course in practical python is awesome: -Step by step instructions on 10 useful python projects -No experience necessary, I'll walk you through set up -Projects are simple, less than 20 lines of code each -Fun ideas for automating your work and home life!​ Jump right into projects and get hands on, this is a fun way to learn and practice python. You can use the concepts in this ebook to create your own python bots and automation, or just learn a bit about what can be done with programming, APIs, automation and python! What is included? - PDF / Web Version of the ebook - Copy of the Jupyter Notebook so you can interact with pre-written code - Video walk-through

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