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Crash Course in Python:

10 Practical Python Projects for Learning and Fun

Learn Python, Build Stuff, Automate Your Work and Life!

Learn by Building

This is an interactive course that takes you from zero to "automation hero" in one day. 

In this tutorial you will learn how to build the following projects and bots:

  • Bot to text me if elon musk tweets about a stock

  • iPhone GPS tracker

  • Mouse Jiggler Bot (keep your screen active)

  • Send SMS with python

  • Python Slack Bot (send slack messages with python)

  • Automating Google Sheets (get/update/delete data from a google sheet w/ python)

  • Manipulate Files on Your Computer W/ Python

  • Web scraper for Craigslist (or any website)

  • Text Sentiment Analyzer (Easy AI and Machine Learning API)

  • Cut / Paste / Alter Text in Python

Who is this course for?

  • Zero knowledge of python but are curious about what it is and what it can do.

  • Python lovers of all levels that want project ideas

  • Tech students looking to level up with fun projects

Why this crash course in practical python is awesome:

  • Step by step instructions on 10 useful python projects

  • No experience necessary, I'll walk you through set up

  • Projects are simple, less than 20 lines of code each

  • Fun ideas for automating your work and home life!

Jump right into projects and get hands on, this is a fun way to learn and practice python. You can use the concepts in this ebook to create your own python bots and automation, or just learn a bit about what can be done with programming, APIs, automation and python!

What is included?

  • PDF / Web Version of the ebook

  • Copy of the Jupyter Notebook so you can interact with pre-written code

  • Video walk-through of the entire course so you can have greater understanding and follow through